Current Workshops happening at the Vibe Studio

November 4th 

Vibe is excited to have Maggie Maggio doing a workshop for teaching artists and art educators.  Maggie Maggio is an architectural designer, artist and art educator who has studied and played with color for over forty years. Her personal explorations into the science of light and pigments led to the creation of “Smashing Color” workshops for artists and designers who want to learn more about 21st Century Color.

In this Smashing Color workshops, the complexity of color theory is broken down – or SMASHED! – into useful bits of information for artists and designer working in all media. These fun, hands-on workshops use paints, prisms, computers, LED’s and spinning disks to explore the mixing systems of light and pigment. A basic understanding of how these 2 systems are interconnected is at the heart of Smashing Color.

Vibe uses this system in our studio and in our Vibe @ School classes. We want to make sure all Vibe teaching artists have the tools and time to explore using Cyan, Magenta and Yellow as the basis for our primary system!

Cost : $50 for supplies and instruction. Can be taken for continuing professional development credits.